Düzce Municipality

Düzce Municipality (DUMUN), as a local government, has a very important place in the local government organization of Düzce. Its area of responsibility covers the entire central district, covering a total area of 484 km2. The municipality has 17 municipal directorates, 3 subsidiaries and a total of 1287 employees. Environment, solid waste, wastewater, infrastructure, planning and development, informatics, transportation, community services and vocational training, healthcare, social assistance, culture, tourism, etc. is responsible for a wide range of areas. The mission of the institution, which is a member of national and international organizations such as the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB), the Union of Marmara Region Municipalities (MBB) and the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG); To provide local services to all its residents with the understanding of providing efficient and effective management with the most up-to-date, fair and open to development qualities in order to fulfill urban responsibilities, and to reinforce the unique identity of the city, which is located at the meeting point of civilizations, and to make meaningful contributions to becoming a respected world city.