Objectives of Project

Comprehensive Training Model to support the integration process, to create the inclusiveenvironment and opportunities for the immigrant women in the field of social and workinglife


The main objective of the project is to support integration process of the immigrant womenliving in Turkey and European countries in to the society and labour market by developingpractical models for socio-cultural integration of them with women in their communities.

Within this framework the Project amis;

to contribute to the professionalization of organisations, increase the knowledge anddevelop professional and digital competencies of experts (trainers, mentors, advisors, counsellors, sociologists, psychologists, social services professionals, representativesof public and private sectors institutions) and by engaging them in the MentoringProgram for Professionals to Support Integration of immigrant Women, –
to promote social inclusion, integrating immigrant women into society and the labourmarket by developing a Comprehensive Training Model
to increase the socio-cultural integration of immigrant women living in Turkey andEuropean countries with women in their communities
to contribute to improving the quality and increasing the intensity and volume of cooperation between institutions promoting employability and employment of immigrant women by creating, developing and strengthening national andtransnational partnership networks
acceptance of diversity as a value and highlighting its potential.


Direct Target Groups:​ Experts, İmmigrant Women and Their Families

Indirect target groups: foundations working for migrants, municipalities, experts fromeducational and social institutions, training institutions, non-governmental organizations, organizations providing counselling services for migrants, immigrants and citizens with a migrant background, professional and umbrella organizations, employment offices, employers.


Within the scope of the project, which will last for 2 years, we will provide long-termcooperation to increase the social cohesion of migrant women in Turkey and Europeancountries, and to develop best practices in the field of methods, techniques andknowledge for the establishment of long-term educational institutions.
We will support immigrant women in developing their basic skills by creating newtraining techniques.
We will improve learning opportunities tailored to the needs of immigrant women, especially on the topics of housing, nutrition, education and health problems, theirlegal status, legal rights and problems
By creating educational materials in the form of blended learning, we will raiseawareness not only of migrant women but also in the host community.
We will increase their digital skills and support life and labor market skills withmotivational videos.


“What Works” in Promoting the Integration of Immigrant Women into Society and theLabour Market – Scientific Review
Technical Handbook on Immigrant Women in Host Countries
Mentoring Program for Professionals to Support Integration of Immigrant Women in theform of Blended-learning
Blended-learning Training Modules for Immigrant Women
Educational and Inspirational Videos for Immigrant Women
Recreational Modules and Implementation
Interactive Learning Platform
Project Coordination and Management Plan
Internal Quality Management Plan
Dissemination plan and its regular evaluation
Website in 5 languages (EN, TR, SK, GE, HU) and its regular updating
Project leaflet in 5 languages (EN, TR, SK, GE, HU) in electronic and paper form
Project Social Media pages
2 posts on the EPALE platform on the international section of EPALE
Newsletter – 3 times during the project duration


Düzce Municipality
Düzce University
Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University
Association for Understanding Disadvantaged Groups and Social Support (DEGDER)
EureCons Förderagentur GmbH /Germany
Spolupracou pre lepsiu buducnost – Velky Meder /Slovakia