Düzce University

Düzce University (DU), established on March 17, 1992, is one of the highest-ranked universities in Turkey, particularly among young institutions. Situated between Turkey’s two metropolises, Ankara and Istanbul, Düzce University has experienced rapid growth since its founding. The university boasts campuses in the Konuralp region and prioritizes producing science up to international standards while addressing national and international needs during the education period.

As of now, Düzce University comprises 14 faculties, 2 colleges, 10 vocational schools, and 26 research centers. With over 2000 academic and administrative personnel, the university provides quality and modern education to nearly 30,000 students. Düzce University focuses on creating value and places importance on students’ social, cultural, scientific, and intellectual development. The institution actively engages in scientific research, aligning itself with international scientific developments and contributing to social research on issues such as migration, particularly through the Migration Woman Research Centre.

The Migration Woman Research Centre tackles topics such as refugee harmony, integration, refugee law, ensuring a safe life for migrants, equal opportunities in education, and refugee employment. Düzce University’s commitment to research, practice, and social development underscores its role as one of the fastest-growing universities in Turkey.